Freitag's Repair Program

Today we are talking about one of yours and our favorite brands, FREITAG.

For the ones that doesn’t know FREITAG, they are a Swiss company that produces bags and other sustainable fashion accessories using recycled fabrics and waste materials. Mainly from fabrics from tents and truck tarpaulins, which are recovered and transformed into new, durable, high-quality products. This also makes every Freitag unique and different.
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This brand is part of the Kauris family not only because they have great designs but because they envision a future where circularity is not just a concept, but a tangible reality that promotes responsible consumption and minimizes the impact on our planet.
So, let’s talk about circularity. In the circular economy model, industries are asked to develop business models that ensure products can have a longer lifespan through technical and biological cascades, reducing the need for new resources to make new products; giving the right value to the resources initially used in the making of the products. From a technical point of view, it means that products should be reused, repaired, remanufactured many times, and finally, recycled before final. A very important concept for those technical cascades or closed cycles is repairability. The capacity of a product to be repaired to continue its life with the same user or, in some cases, with a new one.
Thinking and acting in cycles has been part of FREITAG from the beginning, and todays focus is on keeping products and materials in circulation for as long as possible.
In order to avoid losing sight of the bigger picture (aka the circular economy) they’ve created the FREITAG Repair Program.
The principles:
If doing repairs and meeting circularity principles is a good thing, we also want to reduce our footprint to the minimum when it comes to shipping. In practical terms, this means that we’re in the process of establishing a network of regional repair shops.
We patch things up to make them functional again, not to make them look new. Signs of use and aging are what we call patina and are an expression of character.
 We always try to make the impossible possible. But sometimes that hole in the tarp is just too big, or the tear in the worst possible spot. We shouldn’t forget that we work with used truck tarps. They come from a wide range of manufacturers and they often behave quite differently.
Repairing things is always a good idea. But sometimes it makes more sense to have the open seam on your keyholder sewn up by the shoemaker around the corner, rather than to send a little item like that overseas and back.
So, if your beloved FREITAG needs a little loving care to keep rocking, here are your options:
1. Visit a FREITAG Store: For the best, most sustainable, and cost-effective solution, head to your nearest FREITAG store. Here, you'll receive the necessary spare parts on the spot, free of charge. In case this isn't possible, the store staff can guide you through repair options, estimated timeframes, and associated costs. During this time, you can even choose a replacement bag to accompany you while your item is being repaired.
2. Online Spare Parts Store and Form: If proximity to a physical store is an issue, FREITAG offers an online spare parts store for you to help yourself. In the rare instance where this doesn't suffice, simply fill out a form with images of your item. Within a few days, FREITAG will assess your needs, provide cost estimates, and recommend a local Repair Station to send your item to.
3. If you bought your Freitag on Kauri Store or at www.kauristore.com : You can reach out to your nearest Kauri Store or at info@kauristore.com . We will guide you to a local repair facility or take charge of the repair process for you. Rest assured, you'll be kept informed throughout the journey.
In essence, FREITAG not only crafts remarkable products but also pioneers a philosophy of mindful consumption and environmental stewardship. They invite you to be a part of this journey, where repair isn't just a fix, but a declaration of commitment to a world where products live longer, waste is minimized, and the planet thrives.