10 good resolutions to start over in the name of sustainability

Summer break is over! 
Ready to start again with a good action for the environment?
1. Eliminate meat from your diet
How about trying to cook vegetarian dishes one day a week or establishing that you will give up meat or dairy on certain days? Following a vegetarian or vegan diet is becoming increasingly easy thanks to the countless cooking blogs on socials.
2. In your commute, think about the weather
Using a bicycle or e-bike not only keeps you fit but also decreases your carbon footprint. For particularly long commutes, however, prefer the train or bus and use the travel time to read a good book, for example.
3. Avoid food waste
Buy only what you really need, especially food items, and convey the importance of not wasting anything to young children.
4. For long weekends, choose nearby destinations
In view of the many long weekends before the end of the year, why not stay nearby for the sake of the weather? How would you like a hike in the Alps, a beach vacation on Lake Maggiore, or a trip to the Langhe?
5. When making new purchases, choose consciously
Before any new purchase, especially if it is clothes, ask yourself if they are really necessary. Once you have identified what you need opt for sustainable clothing. Better to invest in quality items for the long term than to opt for cheap items.
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