Our Dream Team

Founder & Chief of Sales

Daniel Tocca

"Our society needs positive impulses. We need to choose right but sometimes the market is not able to offer us the right tools. There cannot be a future for everyone and everything if we do not start thinking consciously and choosing wisely.

I want to make the people around me happy, by contributing to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry".

Founder & Chief of Operations

Bernhard Schönhuber

"My vision is to contribute in my own small way to a better world by managing a sustainable business model for all stakeholders involved.
We provide solutions to sectors with a high impact on people’s health and environment. Moreover we want to change the way people consume, by offering green education and innovation".

Founder & Chief of Marketing

Sara Pacifici

"I chose Kauri Store because I feel a sense of deep achievement in giving my contribution for the improvement of the status quo of the world and of an high impact industry as the fashion".

I believe by educating the customers to a more sustainable lifestyle the message of green economy can be understood and spread in order to involve to world to a green revolution.


Irina Mara Feleppa

"If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem".
I'm proud to be part of the solution by joining the Kauri Store's team.
The future of the planet concerns all of us, and all of us should do our best to protect it.
I found in my work a way to make a difference and raise awareness. What about you?


Caro Pichler

"I live and work for sustainability because respect for people, animals, and nature is fundamental for me. I love the diversity of our planet, and I want to preserve it. Everyone should have the right to live with dignity, no matter where they come from or who they are".


Mariana de Oliveira

"I believe every voice is powerful: every little action in our daily life has an impact at large, that’s why everyone should move to a more conscious and respectful lifestyle.
There is no one persone immune from the environmental issue. It’s about our home. It’s about our future. That’s why I embraced a sustainable lifestyle: I love nature, I want to protect my home, the earth, and fight for my future".


Sigrid Schwitzer

"My vision of life is not only to sell sustainability but also to live it, in all possible ways.

I love working with people. My profession makes that possible. To inspire people to go the way we go with Kauri Store.

To convince and inspire, to have happy customers, that's where I see my potential".


Christiane Gruber

Having the courage to be yourself and to turn your passion into a job is pure joy for me. I love nature with all my heart and try to live sustainability in all parts of my life.
The awareness that we are all connected to this one beautiful planet inspires me and gives me strength to live as ecologically friendly as possible".


Daniela Bernardi

"My mother gave me from early childhood the seed in my hands. When I became a mother I tried to give these seeds into the hands of my children. They, now grown up, have shown me the plants they have become. I am slowly growing with them. By joining the Kauri Store Team, I am experiencing the opportunity to grow with a stronger fertilizer. I am grateful to be able to grow with all of you and to pass on customers and friends our philosophy of living in harmony and gratitude on our planet by respecting it and every being that lives on it".


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