Dental Floss Ocean Blue | Promis
Dental Floss Ocean Blue | Promis

Dental Floss Ocean Blue | Promis

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Dental Floss Ocean Blue | Promis
Dental Floss Ocean Blue | Promis
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Innovative dental floss by Promis, the perfect ally to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning of interdental spaces. Designed to adapt softly to your interdental spaces, this floss offers numerous advantages:

Soft Fitting: The floss expands or retains its shape to gently adapt to each interdental space, ensuring safe and effective cleaning.

Thorough Cleaning: Designed to deep clean every interdental space, our floss is an essential ally in maintaining a healthy, clean mouth.

Italian and Sustainable Origin: We are proud to develop and produce our floss in Italy, using recycled plastic bottles from Northern Italy, thus contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

Infused with Essential Oils: The floss is infused with tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint, offering an antibacterial effect that fights plaque bacteria and gives the cleaning a pleasant fresh taste.

Vegetable Wax to Protect Gums: The floss is coated with vegetable wax, which makes it easy to slide between teeth and protects gums during use.

Clinically Tested: We have conducted clinical tests to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our floss, thus offering a quality product.

Keep your oral hygiene at the highest level with our innovative and sustainable dental floss. Choose a product that takes care of your teeth, your gums and the environment.

Manufacturer: PROMIS

Product number: 002021