Brush Trio Colours | Promis
Brush Trio Colours | Promis

Brush Trio Colours | Promis

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Brush Trio Colours | Promis
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Brush Trio Colours | Promis
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Our eco-friendly toothbrush is designed to make your gums fall in love with cleanliness and comfort. That is why it is an ideal addition to your oral hygiene routine:

Unique Lignin Design: The handle of our toothbrush is made of lignin, an eco-friendly material that offers a sustainable alternative to plastic. The unique handle design is ergonomic and allows for a comfortable and natural grip.

Soft, antibacterial bristles: We use only high-quality bristles for our toothbrush. The bristles are soft, antibacterial and rounded to effectively remove plaque without damaging the gums.

Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design of the handle allows you to relax your hand during use, reducing excessive pressure on the brush head. This helps protect your gums while you get an exceptional clean.

Effective Cleaning: The 6750 soft bristles pamper your teeth and gums, reaching even the smallest spaces for a thorough and effective cleaning.

Choose our eco-friendly toothbrush for an exceptional cleaning experience that takes care of your gums and the environment. Give your gums the care and protection they deserve.

Manufacturer: PROMIS

Product number: 200011