World Refill Day

World Refill Day, celebrated on June 16, is a global awareness campaign to prevent plastic pollution and learn to live by generating less waste.
As a sustainable multibrand Kauri Store is committed to making a difference and invites its community to join the movement against plastic by finding in 'refill' the ideal solution.
As individuals, each of our initiatives, no matter how small, really does make a difference. In fact, by choosing to refill, we save millions of pieces of plastic and send a message to those around us: the solutions to plastic pollution and the climate crisis are out there and together we can keep the environment, oceans, and communities plastic-free for the future.
1. Carry a reusable bottle with you
Carrying a reusable bottle with you is a great way to reduce plastic consumption and save money. You can use the Fontanelle app for iOS operating systems and Fontanelle.org for Android to find a place to refill your water bottle for free when you're out and about.
Find the best reusable water bottle from our sustainable brands Nikin and Liewood.
2. Take a reusable coffee mug with you
3. Buy in bulk and restock stores
When grocery shopping, choose products sold in larger quantities, or even better where you can make refills such as for detergents for example so that you do not use single-use plastic. Find the nearest refill station.
4. Take reusable containers or bags with you
Bring your reusable bags, containers, and glass jars.
5. Find the nearest milk dispenser to you
These are just a few suggestions you can apply in your everyday life that can make a difference. Make every day a World Refill Day ;)