4 Eco-Shoes that will reduce your carbon footprint

In honor of Earth Day, we tell you how to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint without losing style.

Here are 4 pairs of sustainable shoes for you, timelessly designed, comfortable but most importantly made in an environmentally friendly way that will ensure you an enviable spring look. 

1. Sneakers PRINCE OFF WHITE/ GREEN/ BLUE | Ecoalf

The ECOALF Prince trainers have the lowest carbon footprint on the market. They are made from recycled Polyester sea yarn which comes from the ECOALF Foundation’s Upcycling The Oceans project, through which more than 4,000 fishermen across the Mediterranean Sea have collected more than 1,000 tons of waste since 2015. By doing this they seek to clean up the oceans with this process and facilitate the correct management of recovered waste. In addition, the sole contains 20% recycled Rubber. The Spanish brand has managed to incorporate recycled Rubber into the sole of its trainers through innovative processes, in its mission to create a new generation of recycled products. Lightweight, comfortable trainers that remove plastic from our oceans. 

2. Sneakers Timeless White Green Detail | ACBC

The ACBC Timeless model is made from sustainable and 100% animal-free materials. The upper is made of Free Bio™ RePU, a material composed of post-consumer recycled polyester, pre-consumer recycled polyurethane, and wood fibers. The lining and laces are made of RePET-a post-consumer and post-industrial PET recycler and processor for food and beverage container packaging. In addition, the Italian brand enjoys B Corp certification which means it is playing its part in driving positive change toward a more sustainable economy.

 3. Sneakers Wise Multi Lilac | Womsh

Versatile, simple, and colorful, Wise sneakers are the new additions to the Womsh collection. The upper on this model is made of 60% leather and 40% recycled polyester. The Wise range was conceived and designed in a series of contrasting colors to add character to your outfits. Although this model is made of leather, the Italian brand uses leather obtained by a special tanning process that does not involve the use of heavy metals, ensuring safety for human health and the environment.

 4.Sneakers V-10 Extra White Emeraude Almond I VEJA

Also for this VEJA model, the cowhide is tanned without chromium. By simplifying the tanning procedure, the use of chemicals is limited and the energy consumption is reduced, by 40 percent for water and 80 percent for salt. After tanning, the water is recyclable. The insole is made from sugarcane and organic cotton while the outsole is from rubber from safeguarded areas of the Amazon rainforest.