Celebrating love between human beings

When it comes to buying an eco-friendly item many times we fall into the trap of greenwashing, that is reading words like 'recycled' or 'natural resources' on the label to convince ourselves that we are making an ethical purchase.
But as many of you already know, sustainability includes not only the materials or the energy used to make a garment but also its workmanship. We are talking about the millions of people behind every single step of textile production.
A crucial component when talking about sustainability concerns the treatment of garment workers. When doing shopping we should always ask ourselves 'Who made this garment? Was he/her paid enough? Did he/her get fair treatment?' 
Answering these questions is easy if the brand has nothing to hide of course. Just take a look at its certifications. Certificates such as Fair Trade, GOTS, B Corp, BSCI, Fair Wear Foundation, SA800, SMETA, WRAP, and many others ensure the fair treatment of the worker and guarantee the ethical and social side of manufacturing (if you want to learn more about these certifications read here).
Moreover, some brands do not just stop at acquiring these standards but go further with their initiatives aimed at encouraging the social part. At Ecoalf they are continuously seeking young talent to join the team. As part of their culture's values they embrace diversity, and culture, encourage creativity and share the mission to work toward a better planet. They also aim to provide equal job opportunities no matter the gender by enjoying a 50 percent male and 50 percent female executive team. At Armedangels, meanwhile, to encourage farmers to switch from growing conventional cotton to organic ones, they founded ARMEDANGELS Organic Farmers Association in 2018. This association currently supports more than 500 small-scale farmers in India. 
This is how during February Kauri Store gives a twist to the traditional holiday of Valentine's Day by celebrating love among all human beings. A love that is synonymous with respect, dignity, and consideration of others. This is the reason why we invite the community to join our mission and carry out ethical shopping that prefers brands like ours that openly disclose information about both their factories and their policies on wages and working conditions.
In this way, we will be sure that we are not only doing good for our planet but also people.
Have a look to our Kauri Stores' windows, come in and join us!