Caring for the planet and making it a better place for future generations is our greatest goal.

That is the reason why in addition to choosing sustainable brands that have the least possible environmental impact, we prefer those that also give back to the planet.

From ocean cleanup projects to safeguarding ecosystems at risk of extinction, there are many ways to make a difference through your purchase at Kauri Store. Discover your favorite philanthropic initiative.


Upcycling the Oceans

The History of the ECOALF Foundation is the story of Upcycling the Oceans, an unprecedented global adventure born in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015. The aim is to clean the oceans of marine waste with the help of the fishing industry and to give a second life to plastic waste through recycling and closing the loop. 

Currently, the ECOALF Foundation collaborates with local partners to carry out Upcycling the Oceans in Spain, Greece, Italy and Thailand , likewise it is working on its implementation in other parts of the world. It also collaborates on other projects in the fields of waste management, environmental awareness or research and development with institutions with which it shares common values and objectives.


Planting Trees

Tree by Tree is NIKIN's promise and the way they make a difference with One Tree Planted. They have already planted over 1.5 million trees thanks to their community. Trees are incredibly important for the entire ecosystem and a central component of a healthy earth. This fact moves them to plant trees. Tree planting is part of their DNA and they hope to inspire their community to be more environmentally conscious. 

But how does it work? For every product you buy, NIKIN has its partner organisation One Tree Planted plant a tree. The amounts are transferred to their partner in stages, as they can look at the different projects and give your amount to the initiative that absolutely needs more trees.


Offsetting CO2 Emissions

Among human beings, taking and returning is an alternating gesture that forms the basis of relationships. Why shouldn't it be the same for companies and the planet? If on the one hand we take, on the other hand we have the duty to return.

This is why WOMSH has been collaborating, since 2014, with LifeGate, a benchmark for sustainable development in Italy: together they are taking part in a project aimed at offsetting CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of any type of activity, product or service. This project, known as Zero Impact, calculates, reduces and offsets CO2 emissions generated by all their activities, contributing to the creation and safeguarding of growing forests. 


Supporting Indian Farmers

From the very beginning ARMEDANGELS chose to go organic when it came to cotton. But as only 1% of the industry is using organic cotton they belong to an all too exclusive group.

Converting to organic takes 3 years as the farmland recovers from artificial toxins. Most small-scale farmers cannot survive 3 years of lost earnings and so more than 50% quit the conversion to organic cotton in the first year. So instead of just buying organic cotton the brand created the ARMEDANGELS organic farmers association.
In this way, they are helping 500 small-scale farmers in India to convert from conventional cotton to organic cotton.


Fighting for the Planet

Since August 2020, they are proud official members of 1% for the Planet - an extraordinary global network of environmental businesses and nonprofit partners who want to protect the future of our existence on the planet. 

“The intent is to help fund diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.”

That means they’ll be donating 1% of their yearly revenues to fantastic organizations that put the planet first. By supporting and purchasing LEFRIK backpacks you’ll be part of the change our world needs.


Carbon offset

The new carbon offset feature on ALOHAS website enables donations to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of e-commerce.

At the time of purchase you can decide to which cause you want to destinate a certain amount. 

Active projects currently include native forest regeneration and international renewable energy projects.
Both fall under the umbrella of fighting climate change, bringing you one step closer to responsible shopping.


Giving through Donsje

Donsje helps children to take their first steps in education. 
They donate part of their profits to the Shining Star school in Nairobi, Kenya.
The school has been founded by the two managing directors of Donsje. The school gives over 250 children a better start in life. 
Please visit .