Our Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Fashion & Accessories, Organic Clothing for Babies & Kids, Natural Cosmetics, Home & Lifestyle, and more.

Holzleder Bags


2g8er combines expertise from the fields of film-making, photography, IT, design, fashion, costume-making, art, dance and handicrafts to create products that incorporate functionality, individuality and a simple design.

They produce Bags, Wallets and Backpack in Austria out of Woodleather, ultra light and ultra nature.

Handmade Jewelry in Nepal

A Beautiful Story

Born in 2006 in Amsterdam, A Beautiful Story produces handmade jewelry and accessories in Nepal. Each piece has its own stone with a specific meaning, special for you. They foster fair working conditions for their artisans in the respect of the principles of “Fair Trade”.

Organic Cotton Underwear


Based in Amsterdam, the brand produce underwear, socks and swimsuit for women and men with funny and original patterns. Made out Made out of 100% Organic Cotton certified GOTS, their pieces are fully sustainable and ethically produced.

Backpacks made from airbags


The backpack made from airbags, seatbelts and an old car's buckle. They are sustainable, functional and truly one-of-a-kind. From Germany, the brand wants to create alternative uses for things that otherwise would end up in the trash

Ethical Clothing Brand for Women

Another Brand

From Munich, Another Brand is a clothing brand for women ethically and sustainably made. With their productions in small family business in Portugal and Inner Mongolia, they create the best and outstanding garments with a contemporary design and natural materials such as Organic Cotton and Cashmere.

Fair Fashion | Sustainable Lingerie


The sustainable lingerie brand made in Germany was born in 2003 with an inspiration to the Italian “Dolce Vita”. Thanks to the usage of Organic Cotton and recycled PET, they create natural and lovely underwear.

Sustainable Clothing for Women


Born in 2001 in Stuttgart, Blutsgeschwister always aimed at creating collections for women who wanted to distinguish from the mass and not follow the trend. The brand clothing operates following the principles and times of Slow Fashion to have a minor impact on the environment, by also using natural materials such as Organic Cotton and Tencel.

Sustainable clothing for Kids

Botanica Boo

Botanica Boo designs and produces babywear and accessories inspired by nature.
It chooses the softest sustainable fabrics to wrap our children. Accompanying them in their everyday conquests, through refined, comfortable and authentic garments withwhich they can play, grow and wonder.

Underwear with sustainable fabrics


CALIDA is one of Europe’s leading underwear brands, representing innovative materials, outstanding craftsmanship and a passion for detail. In 2016, the brand became the world’s first underwear company to introduce the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label. CALIDA works hard to maintain its role as a pioneer in sustainability.

Organic clothing for baby, kids and women

Cora Happywear

CORA Happywear offers organic clothing for babies, kids and women. All the products are made in Europe, under fair conditions, by using materials that are breathable, anti-allergenic and super soft such as Eucalyptus and Organic Cotton. All the garments are special because made with sustainable materials, social engagement and lots of love.

Sustainable fashion brand


ECOALF was born in 2009. The idea was to create a fashion brand that is truly sustainable. By integrating breakthrough technology, they create clothing and accessories made entirely from recycled materials.” ECOALF represents the fabrics for the future generations.

Natural Cosmetics


Envi stands for beauty with principles. This marketplace offers the best solutions for those who are looking for an alternative to conventional cosmetics, by including many brands form Austria, Italy and Germany: Amala, Beauty Pearl, Ben & Anna, Beonme, Dr. Lothka, Hillinger Cosmetics, Manucurist, Madara, Nature, New Layer, SA.Al & Co., Sisi & Joe, The Glow, The Humble Co.

Organic Clothing for Women and Men


Since 2013, Erbaer wants to be a #worldchanger in the mission of fight climate change. Contemporary and urban style that meets sustainable materials such as Organic Cotton, Tencel and Modal. Their production is fair, organic and transparent all made in Europe.

Sophisticated sustainable fashion for women


Eticlò (from “ethical” “closet”) is an italian sustainable fashion brand founded in 2017. Its mission is to develop sophisticated and long-lasting collections with sustainable fabrics. Fabrics, production and design are the main focuses of the brand. Eticlò only uses natural and organic fibers and GOTS approved dyes; it only partners with healthy and reputable factories, mainly based in Italy.

sustainable lifestyle for adults & kids

Feines Family Nature Store

From South Tyrol, Feines Nature Store offers sustainable products to drive people to a more sustainable lifestyle. Thanks to them, we welcomed in our shop many brands, widening our products mix: Eco Brotbox (Eco lunch boxes); Fitz and Huxley (Urban sustainable backpacks); Funktion Schnitt (Sustainable fashion for women & men); KnowledgeCotton Apparel (Organic clothing for man); Liewood (Accessories for baby & kids); Little Bee Fresh (Beeswax cloths).

Urban backpacks and bags from recycled materials


The perfect accessories for an urban style, yet sustainable. The Swiss brand produces since 1993 backpacks and bags from used tough truck tarpaulins and used car seat belts, by creating unique, timeless and resistant pieces.

Organic leather belts


From Munich, Kranz produces belts for Man and Woman in natural leather, combining elegance with sustainability. Their leather comes from cattle biologically bred in the Alps.



 "Time for nature" – that is what Laimer stands for. From South Tyrol, they produce watches and other accessories from FSC-verified wooden residuals of the furniture industry. These watches are a real eye-catcher and a statement for nature and environment.



Lanasia aims at offering a sustainable yet elegant, sophisticated and classy alternative in the world of the active- and swimwear.

Ethical Clothing for Women


It all began in 1999 with an idea: making fashion under fair conditions, creating something beautiful and feeling good about it. LANIUS still pursues this vision today and combines sustainable materials with sophisticated design in every collection. Love fashion, think organic, and be responsible.

Upcycled bags & accessories

Luna Viva

Environmental protection, recycling and social responsibility for the poor ones are parts of the craftsmanship and artistry of Luna Viva, upcycled bags and accessories where Mexican design blends perfectly with European design.

Tailor-made sustainable clothing


Natural clothing and vitals art made in South Tyrol. Micheal Klammsteiner is a young artist with a great talent. For his artworks and clothing, he uses Recycled Materials & Natural Fabrics. Limited edition clothing on request.

Sustainable & Fair Fashion - Tree by Tree


The young and active team of Nikin from Switzerland is committed to leave a mark: for every product sold such as t-shirts, sweaters, beanies and accessories they plant a tree. Most of their fabrics are made of organic cotton in combination with recycled polyester. Since 2019 they are officially certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which guarantees a sustainable and fair production.

Natural Cosmetics


Natural cosmetics meets convenient prices and high quality with Ökoring brands: Benecos (Biologically Certified Cosmetics), Thoma Naturpflege (Solid shampoo), ECO Cosmetics (Cosmetics for baby & kids).

Organic accessories for Women


OrganiCup is the award-winning menstrual cup that replaces tampons and pads. Easier, healthier, greener. Month after month.Allergen-free, Vegan Society registered.

Sustainable jeans

Par.Co Denim

Par.co Denim was founded in 2014 in Bergamo, with the idea to create a brand of high quality sustainable jeans, completely made in Italy. Their main fabric is GOTS organic cotton. 

organic clothing for baby

People wear organic

From Germany, they produce organic clothing for baby, respecting the values of fairness and transparency during the all production process. 

Sustainable accessories


The first natural & sustainable oral hygiene kit for optimal protection against plaque and tartar. We call it promis. Because it's a promise.

Sustainable fashion for men and women


RE-BELLO is the first fashion label Made in Italy where sustainability, design, innovation and transparency go hand in hand.  Founded in Bolzano in 2010, Re-Bello produces outstanding total look including jackets, tops, knitwear, dresses and trousers for women and men made of premium sustainable materials (e.g. eucalyptus, beech wood, up-cycled PET and wool, etc.).

Merino wool Activewear


Rewoolution is a revolutionary activewear concept made in Italy dedicated to athletes, professionals and mountain and outdoor enthusiasts in 100% merino wool, an ethically produced wool.

vegan and health food

Rockin beets

Made in Bolzano, Rockin Beets is a home delivery service of healthy and vegan meals handed in glass containers, to mantain freshness and reduce waste. At Kauri Store you can find lunches to go, and more: Kohl (bio apple juice), Caroma (bio coffee); Karuna (bio chocolate); Old Kombucha (Kombucha Tea with natural ingredients); Bivo (ready made meals to go).

sustainable underwear in tencel


Sloanie is am underwear brand for men and women from UK that combines quality and comfort with transparency and sustainability. This underwear is made from Eucalyptus fiber, TENCEL. 

ethical jewellery


From Germany, Steinfarben produces colorful ethical jewellery with recycled and natural materials that come mainly from fair trade.

High quality functional clothing


Super.natural combines the strengths of the finest Merino wool with those of functional polyester in one fiber to create high quality functional clothing for outdoor activities. This ensures comfort while providing both maximum functionality and outstanding design.

vegan shoes


Since 2003, the brand has been producing sneakers for men, women and children, with raw materials from Brazil. The brand was created to promote not only sustainability, but also fair working conditions.

herbs, infusions & natural cosmetics


The Kräutergärten Wipptal from South Tyrol, carefully cultivate herbs and aromatic plants according to strict biological criteria to produce infusions, natural cosmetics and aromatic salts.

Sustainable shoes


Womsh are beautiful and sustainable Italian sneakers that respect the planet and those who live on it: they were created out of a love for the land, craftsmanship and design. Womsh sneakers are 100% Made in Italy: 50% ethics, 50% aesthetics.

Socks in natural fabrics

+eQ’o Trame Naturali

Company that produces and distributes natural and ecological socks with natural fabrics such as organic cotton, merino wool, eucalyptus and more. The entire production chain of socks + eQ'o is concentrated in the "Italian district of socks" in the province of Brescia.