YOGA DAY: Meet Arianna, our lovely Yoga Teacher


Arianna Piazzi , Yoga's Teacher , 30 years old

-For how long have you been doing yoga and how did this passion begin?

My passion for yoga was born 10 years ago when I went to a Yoga Retreat in the mountains. The scenery and the sunset made me fall in love with this practice, which I have now been teaching for just over 3 years.

-What are both the physical and mental benefits of doing yoga?

On the physical side, yoga helps in flexibility and tones muscles. As for the mind, it certainly helps relieve stress and anxiety, treats insomnia problems and promotes concentration. It also promotes acceptance of oneself and one's body.

-How does practicing yoga influence the environment around us?

The word Yoga means 'union,' not only the union of mind, body and spirit but also the union of us as an individual with the planet. In fact, by connecting us with all around us it make us think not only about ourselves but also about the well-being of others, society and the Earth.

-Is the nutrition essential for a better yoga practice? Why?

One of the basic principles of Yoga is 'non-violence' which I apply on all fields, even in nutrition. In fact, for me it means adopting a vegetarian diet that excludes animal suffering and at the same time is healthy for my body, without being too restrictive.

-How should one dress for yoga?

The key is to be comfortable and opt for sustainable brands in line with the ethics of this practice.

-Why does yoga end with the word "namaste"?

'Namaste' means 'The light in me sees and honors the light in you' a typical Nepalese Indian greeting that I like to recite at the beginning of the class and not at the end, to remember its origin as a typical greeting in Nepal.


If you would like to discover yoga more closely Arianna conducts yoga classes every Monday at 7 pm at our Kauri Store in Bolzano, via dei Portici 72.

Price: 12€ per lesson or 100€ for 10 lessons

If interested, write to Arianna on her IG profile @aripiazzi