Weekend getaway in the mountains: all you need for a hike day

Whether you couldn't book for a whole week or simply because you want to get away from the city, South Tyrol is the perfect destination for a weekend of sport and breath-taking views. But what do you need to bring with you?
The game-changer for mountain hikes is merino wool, a thermoregulating fabric that is extremely comfortable and quick to dry.
Both for him and for her, the Rewoolution’s t-shirt with the statement “Climb every mountain” is exactly what you need for your weekend in South Tyrol. Merino wool used by this brand is produced in New Zealand with care for workers, animals and the environment, guaranteed by the ZQ Merino Certification.
The t-shirt can be matched with Super.Natural’s sweatpants or shorts, which are made both of merino wool and synthetic fibre to combine the strengths of the two fabrics.
In case of a cold day (although it’s always advisable when you go for a hike in the mountains) you can take with you the Nikin’s sweatshirt in organic cotton. This product will not only keep you warm, it will also help preserve biodiversity by planting a tree for every garment sold.
Coming to accessories, you should consider not using plastic bottles and replacing them with an Ecoalf’s reusable bottle. Made of highly durable stainless steel, it can keep your drink hot for 12 hours and cold for 19, so it’s perfect for a day trip.
You can carry everything you need in the Airpaq 2.0 backpack, made with upcycled airbags and seatbelts. This product is water resistant and suitable for a hike in the mountains, as it derives from materials designed to perform in extreme situation.
Even at high altitude you are exposed to the sun, and you have therefore to protect your skin: do it with the sunscreen by New Layer, which absorbs fast and doesn’t contain micro- and liquid plastic.
All set? Time to leave for your weekend in South Tyrol!
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