Sustainable Travelling

Let’s remember your last trip when you explored a new country or area. Have you thought about the emissions that were realised through transportation? Did the impact on your travel on the local community cross your mind?

With travel becoming such a common practice in our modern life we need to consider the implications for the local people, environment and economy of our destination.

But it can be overwhelming at first so take your time and read the following suggestions.

What you can do:

Slow down and stay for a while

A weekend trip to Prague by catching a plane for under 100€ - might sound tempting. But let’s be honest – is it really worth it rushing from one attraction to another? Slowing things down and having time to educate yourself about the local culture can benefit both you and the country of destination.

Use sustainable methods of transportation

Taking a more relaxed approach to travel can also allow you to use the train or a bus which can take up more time but at the same time can make your travel more exciting and memorable.

Europe is for example offering numerous night trains and beautiful train routes such as the Bergen Line Bergensbanen that thunders past southern Norway’s mountains and lakes between Oslo and Bergen.

Choose sustainable accommodation

While big hotels can produce high amounts of trash, emissions while exploiting workers there are other options to choose. Small family businesses or eco-friendly hospitality often support local communities and use local products.

While your stay

Visit local businesses, use public transportation, support museums and respect the nature.

But still most importantly: Enjoy your stay!

Nobody is perfect and it is part of life to make mistakes as long as you are trying and educating yourself you are doing more than the majority of tourists.