Sustainable & respectful sales at Kauri Store: buy less, buy better

You've probably noticed that the windows of fast fashion shops are always displaying new, trendy clothes at attractive prices. This phenomenon is only intensifying now that the sales have begun…but don’t fall for it! There is a more sustainable way of shopping for your wardrobe.
Fast fashion has a huge impact both on the environment and on the workers. Big brands of this industry usually release a new collection every week, encouraging their customers to buy new, trendy clothes and throw away old ones: it is estimated that each garment is worn an average of 7 times before being replaced by another. And what better way to convince customers to buy new clothes than to sell them at reduced prices?
When shopping during sales weeks, especially in fast fashion stores, we tend not to evaluate as carefully as usual the purchase we make. Even if a garment doesn’t fit properly, we decide to buy it anyway because the price is really attractive, we are afraid of losing a one-time offer and it won’t be a great loss if we wear it little or not at all in the future.
This approach is extremely wrong because it is based on impulsive decisions and it leads us to buy unnecessary things that are likely to end up in the trash. Instead, to make the purchase worth it we should always ask ourselves whether we really need the garment we are about to buy and whether we will wear it several times in the future. This is the so-called “buy less, buy better” philosophy: it is about making conscious buying decisions, meaning that it will save you money, but will also help the environment.
That’s the concept behind our “Sustainable & Respectful Sales”: we don’t want to encourage unbridled consumerism, as fast fashion brands do. We want to make our products accessible to a wider range of people, so that everyone has the opportunity to take their first steps in the field of sustainable shopping.
Visit our online shop and save 20% on selected items or come to our stores to discover a wider range of sales! But remember: buy less, buy better!