Apples are made for walking

Dear Community,
Our favorite month has finally begun! April is the month of Fashion Revolution, which is an annual campaign that brings together the world’s largest fashion activism movement to reimagine a more equitable industry for people and the planet.
Since our foundation, we are part of this reformation, but once again we want to take the opportunity to raise awareness about the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry and emphasize our membership in the movement. For this reason, every week we will highlight one of our 4 values and propose alternatives to fast fashion.
The topic of this first week was ‘Innovative & Sustainable Materials’. All the products at Kauri Store are made with natural fibers, recycled yarns, and other fabrics with low environmental impact. Among our favorite textiles, you will find AppleSkin™ and recycled PET, both present in our Womsh shoes.
AppleSkin™ is a revolutionary and completely eco-friendly material similar to leather but made from apple waste. The high percentage of organic and natural material makes the product sustainable, non-toxic and biocompatible.
Since 2014, Womsh has been producing sustainable footwear. It designs, manufactures and packages shoes in Italy by carefully selecting the textiles. They stand for "Word Of Mouth Shoes”: shoes that respect the environment, that combines fashion and sustainability, and Italian craftsmanship.
Their vision is about a positive and responsible change than can be possibile when fashion industry opts for producing only quality items. By doing this the negative environmental impact will be reduced, without compromising on an innovative and trendy design.
We shared Womsh's dream asking for all the fashion business to become more ethical by improving lives of people and the environment.