Simi Mug Large (Set of 2) I Nkuku


The reactive glaze on these pieces means that no two will be exactly the same. The off- white exterior has undertones of the natural clay. These collections are created by talented artisans in China. The country has a rich heritage of arts and crafts, but sadly it is now more renowned for mass production and many of its traditional skills have been forgotten or overlooked. We work together with our suppliers to protect these skills.

Our beautifully crafted, set of two, tall Simi Mugs have a warm earthy glaze. The exterior of the mug has an off-white tone which enhances the depth of colour.

Dimensions: 9cm x 9cm x 11.5cm

Care InstructionsTo care for your mugs, we recommend washing after every use to prevent staining. Use a mild detergent and do not leave to soak. Handle with care to prevent chipping.