Sneakers Natural White | Womsh

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Natural is a classic-looking sneaker with an innovative core. The ultra-lightweight upper has been made from calfskin and the natural outsole comes in natural Lactae Hevea rubber which is pliant, yielding and hardwearing, delivering extraordinary levels of comfort. All-white model. The outsole is 3 cm high.

Material: Upper made from 100% LWG-gold certified calfskin, Lining made from 100% metal-free calfskin, Laces in 100% recycled cotton, Removable insole made from 80% calfskin and 20% water-based polyurethane foam and low-density polyether, Outsole in 100% Lactae Hevea, a virgin milk extracted from a tree which is neither cut nor weakened

Care: Clean your Womsh with water and some drops of dish soap and a normal sponge or rag and let them air dry. We would generally recommend you not to put your products in the washing machine neither immerse them in water.

We recommend you to size up.