F202 Leland Light Blue | Freitag

FREITAG LELAND is a small tote bag, practical for your everyday life, with the following features: shoulder strap, convenient handles, hidden zipper pocket, zip-cover protects from rain and over-curious eyes.

This light blue bag is the perfect accessory for an urban style, yet sustainable. Made from used tough truck tarpaulins and used car seat belts, each piece is unique, timeless and resistant.

Material: Used truck tarpaulins; used car seat belts
Dimensions: 270 × 80 × 360 mm (l × w × h); 10.6 × 3.1 × 14.2 inch; 7.5 l (unextended)
Care Instructions: Yet nothing is entirely safe from the signs of time. To ensure a long lasting life of your bag, there is a recovery team offering a repair service for injured unique pieces. The team can patch up almost anything and will do everyhting in their power to extend your unique product's life. To enjoy this service, just come to our shop or send the bag directly to Freitag and a team of experts will find the best solution for you.