Solid shampoo | Herbs


This solid herbs shampoo is suitable for all hair types. The contained organic lemon oil with its fruity fresh scent puts you in a good mood, organic jojoba oil and organic sea buckthorn pulp oil care for scalp and hair soft and smooth.

Solid shampoo, also called solid shampoo or shampoo bar, is not hair soap, but actually shampoo - just not in liquid form. It contains mild tensides and is also suitable for high water hardness (important if you have problems with hair soap).

How to use: Soak the hair well down to the scalp. With the shampoo gently stroke several times over the wet hair or lather in the hands. Massage into the hair and rinse thoroughly. Use sparingly.
Product properties: Hairype: All; Hair Concern: greasy, dull, shiny, brittle & damaged; Free from animal products. Sufficient for about 30 hair washes.
Ingredients: SLSA¹ vegetable (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate), sea salt, glycerin* (palm-free), green clay (Illite), inulin, wheat protein hydrolysate, cold-pressed hemp seed oil* (Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil), Zizyphus Bark Extract (Zizyphus Joazeiro Bark Extract), Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil*, Rosemary Essential Oil*, Citral², Lysolecithin, Spirulina* (Spirulina Platensis Powder), Spearmint Essential Oil* (Mentha Spicata Herb Oil), Limonene², Berry Wax, Squalane (vegetable), Citronellol², Geraniol², Linalool² ¹ approved by BDIH Association for Natural Cosmetics and eco-certified ² allergens contained in essential oils as well as in perfume oils * from controlled organic cultivation