Anti-aging eye cream | Grape seeds

The HILLINGER COSMETICS rich eye cream pampers and cares with selected power active ingredients of the grape and visibly and efficiently counteracts skin aging.

The combination of short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid in combination with Resveratrol provides the sensitive eye area with proven anti-aging active ingredients in a concentrated form.

How to use:Morning and evening, gently pat into the eye area from the outside inwards.
Product properties: - Skin type: all, combination, mature. Skin Concern: Ageing & Wrinkles. Free from Aluminium, Animal Products, Alcohol. 30 ml.
Ingredients: mountain spring water, grape water organic*, sunflower oil organic*, juice from the leaves of the jelly plant, cetylstearyl alcohol (emulsifier), from BIO rapeseed oil obtained glycerol*, triheptanoin (viscosity regulator and active ingredient), Grape seed oil organic*, glycerine, evening primrose oil organic*, mica mineral, glyceryl Stearates (emulsifier), Shea butter organic*, sodium stearoyl glutamate (emulsifier), salt of hyaluronic acid, xanthan gum (consistency enhancer), citric acid, anic acid, Glyceryl caprylate (emulsifier), levulinic acid, salt of levulinic acid, Sodium hydroxide, vitamin E, Leo Hillinger Organic Sauvignon Blanc / red wine*, grapevine extract (contains resveratrol), sunflower oil, grape seed extract, Sodium benzoate (preservative), alcohol, vine bud extract (Gemmo macerate extract), potassium sorbate (preservative) *controlled organic cultivation.