Body lotion | Grape seeds

The HILLINGER COSMETICS body lotion combines effective active ingredients of the grape with a natural and invigorating fragrance experience.

The formulation with high-quality cold-pressed organic grape seed oil pampers and nourishes and leaves the skin feeling silky soft without being sticky. The light body lotion is quickly absorbed and is therefore the ideal care supplement after the daily shower.

How to use:Apply to dried skin after showering and massage in gently.
Product properties: - Skin type: dry, normal, aensitive. Free from Aluminium, Animal Products, Alcohol. 200 ml.
Ingredients: Mountain spring water, grape water*, sunflower oil*, cetyl alcohol (emulsifier), stearyl alcohol (emulsifier), grape seed oil*, isoamyl laurate (stabiliser), glycerine*, natural fragrance composition, salt of citric acid, sodium cetaryl sulphate (emulsifier), evening primrose oil*, aniseed acid, salt of levulinic acid, glycerine, levulinic acid, sodium hydroxide, xanthan gum (consistency enhancer), vitamin C, citric acid, vitamin E, lavandin essential oil*, sunflower oil, grape seed extract, declarable fragrance components.