T-shirt Alex Birds | CORA happywear

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Our Alex T-Shirt features a print of some small, colourful birds. It is sustainable, soft, breathable and thermal. This is because it is made of natural eucalyptus fibre (also known as TENCEL). The eucalypus fiber is biodegradable and the certified production process is eco-friendly and helps maintain environmental balance. In addition, TENCEL is perfect for the sensitive skin of babies and children and does not irritate them. CORA happywear is a caress for your baby´s skin.

Material: 62% Eucalyptus/30% Organic Cotton/8% EA
Made in Greece

Care: This is an eco-friendly garment that we recommend to preserve using environmentally friendly detergents. To maintain the original shape and beauty of the garment wash and iron upside down. To save energy, wash at 40 degrees and iron at medium heat. Read the garment care label for further washing instructions. No need for softeners or bleach.