Advanced Protection Sun Cream SPF30 | Team Dr. Joseph


The daily rise and set of the sun is one of the few reliable events in our lives. Despite this simple cycle, which controls what happens on our planet, we often pay too little attention to the effects of sunlight on our physical and mental health.
The ADVANCED PROTECTION SUN CREAM SPF 30 with innovative UVA and UVB filters and selective functional ingredients provides reliable protection against premature skin ageing and unwanted pigmentation. The collagen-protecting summer lilac and the cell-protecting carrot oil, rich in provitamin A, help to bind free radicals and have an antioxidant effect. Mallow and hyaluronic acid provide moisture and make the skin feel velvety soft.

Suited to: all skin types

How to use: Light, non-greasy, suitable for all skin types. Apply generously before sunbathing. Apply several times especially after bathing, drying or sweating to maintain protection.

Composition: BUTTERFLY LILAC | blue-light protectionCARROT OIL | anti-ageCHAMOMILE | calmingMALVE | calmingVITAMIN E | antioxidantsROSEMARY | antioxidantsSUNFLOWER OIL | skin caring