Kauri Store

Our story

Daniel and Bernhard are two passionate entrepreneurs with two different backgrounds:

Daniel in sustainable fashion and Bernhard in retail. What do they have in common? The will to change things…

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and the retail sector is experiencing a huge crisis since fast fashion and the prices war have deeply changed our habits and the way we consume.

One day they met Sara, a student from Bocconi University. She had the dream to bring her thesis about a new idea of retail to life...

"Why don't we create a 360° sustainable lifestyle store where people can find ethical and sustainable products for the needs of their everyday life?"

Thanks to the experience and commitment of Daniel and Bernhard, her dream came true and the Kauri Store project began.

In 2019 the first store opened in Bozen, followed in September 2020 by a second one in Brixen.

Our hope is to spread the concept Kauri Store as far as possible to raise awareness and create a wide community.