360° Sustainable Lifestyle

Kauri Store

Who We Are

KAURI STORE is a 360° sustainable lifestyle store. We offer our customers a mix of sustainable, innovative and high quality products: sustainable fashion & accessories, organic clothing for babies & kids, natural cosmetics, home & lifestyle, and more.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to convert the world to a 360° sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide solutions to sectors with a high impact on people’s health and environment. Moreover we want to change the way we consume, by educating and offering to our customers a mix of sustainable, innovative and high quality products. Therefore we are here to promote a conscious and responsible consumption, for the world of today and tomorrow.

Our Values

What really matters is the experiences we have lived, the people we know, and the values we believe in…

Responsible Innovation

Our society needs positive impulses. We need to choose right but sometimes the market is not able to offer us the right tools. There cannot be a future for everyone and everything if we do not start thinking consciously and choosing wisely. Responsible Innovation challenges us all to think about our responsibilities, as scientists, innovators and citizens, and to act upon these.

Slow Revolution

Buy less, choose well and make it last. In a loud, crowded, crazy world, it is good for the soul to live life better by living slower.

Health & Respect

Choose healthy for the mankind and for the planet. Act respecting the environment, people and the future generations.

Fairness & Sustainability

When you enter inside Kauri Store, you do not have to check the label. Everything you will find there, will be good for your health, for the health of the world, for people and for the future generations.

Why the name Kauri

The Plant Kauri is among the largest species of tree in the world. These trees have been felled by cataclysms and buried in the mud of the marshes; a set of climatic conditions has left them intact for a period ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 years. What makes the Kauri incredibly unique and fascinating is that despite its long stay under the mud it is neither rotten nor petrified, allowing the man to work it like a freshly cut wood. Moreover the Kauri can be considered as the most environmentally friendly wood in the world. To work it does not require any deforestation.

We got inspired from this plant because it’s an unique resource which is considered very ecofriendly and long lasting so it is a symbol for care, quality, nature, preservation and reuse. We chose the name Kauri because it stands for quality which is going to be the drive for all we do.