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Home Fragrance Südtirol 212 200ml | Team Dr Joseph

Amber floral, low-citrus room fragrance.


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Product number: TEA2498SF2FRA200
EAN: 8032894029173
Manufacturer: Team Dr Joseph
Product information "Home Fragrance Südtirol 212 200ml | Team Dr Joseph"
The journey begins in the south-Mediterranean climate with coaxingly sweet harmonious scents. Apple blossoms and rose petals, fresh grass and meadows filled with wildflowers, reminiscent of warm summer nights. A delicate accord of jasmine and geranium and the sweet-smelling cactus pear lend feminine elegance, the lemon a cooling freshness. Herbs and spices from local and foreign gardens make 'Südtirol Fragrance 212' an irresistible bouquet with an Italian flair and an alpine soul.
Season: NOS
Sustainability: Made In Europe, Organic
Sustainability Values: Fair and transparent production, Made in Südtirol, Organic cosmetics certified by the ICEA seal., Sustainable production methods
Team Dr Joseph
Founded in 1986, TEAM DR JOSEPH is an expression of a deep fascination with the ingenuity of plants and their functional principles. Cosmesi bio di ultima generazione. Hightech and Nature for a vital and healthy skin.
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Fair and transparent production
Made in Südtirol
Organic cosmetics certified by the ICEA seal.
Sustainable production methods